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Kenworth K100C Aerodyne
Size: 2.87MB
Model author: Arlan Edwards
Restyle & convertion: N/A
Model contains: -
Replace: Linerunner
Here is a late 1970's Kenworth K100C Aerodyne semi truck for GTA's San Andreas. This truck will replace the Linerunner or any truck within the game.
Use the IMG Tool V2 for installing the TXD & DFF files. For best handling and operation I suggest using/copying the settings from the Petro in both the Vehicles.ide and Handling.cgf files from the data folder.


Date: 07.02.10 | Rating:  (4.50) | Downloaded: 5031

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Welcome to my 3D Art. Currently my work is for GTA's San Andreas vehicle replacement mods. I will be expanding to other games and 3D art venues in the near future. I use the Zmodeler2 program for all my work. For any questions, comments or requests email me at:

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